Do you find yourself spending too much time on operational issues and not enough on new initiatives? Here are some thoughts as to what might be possible when you've relieved yourself of the headache of fulfillment:

Grow your Business

Order fulfillment is important but does it deserve the amount of energy you spend on it? Your capacity is finite, to grow your business you need to have the energy to focus on planning, marketing, sales and development. Creating those new products, or services, crafting that differentiating strategy. These are things that are worthy of your time. Managing your order fulfillment has to be done well but it can be done by others. As the driving force behind your company's future success you need to focus where only you can make a difference. Since our inception in 1997 we have helped countless business owners leave the constraints of order fulfillment behind and step into the world of marketing, strategic planning, and key account sales. Let us help you.


Think of the possibilities if you were able to leave the shackles of a warehouse behind. Maybe eliminate your office altogether, or if your company is larger, move your office to a more attractive location - somewhere that is easily accessible to the kind of people that you are looking to recruit. Somewhere more central, where transit is readily available and where hours can be more flexible.


Put your money into strategic initiatives as opposed to tying it up in depreciating infrastructure and material handling equipment. Perhaps a new software program to enhance the analysis of your customer's data and improve the success of your marketing efforts. Alternatively, the development of a tool to improve the customer's experience and thereby generate more sales and/or improve retention. Perhaps you could invest in more people, maybe another sales person, or that marketing person that will come up with a number of great ideas to grow your business.

Take Time Off.
Leave Town.

A lot of businesses, particularly e-commerce businesses can be run remotely once the worry of receiving inventory and shipping orders has been eliminated.

Think of what you can do/where you can go - all while your business continues to make money.

Contemplate the Next Opportunity

Another division, another product line, a new business - all options when you have time to think. Break the chain and get out of order fulfillment.

Still not convinced? Let us put you in touch with someone who has had faced similar challenges and found the solution with Integrated Fulfillment.