Are you planning to expand your business but worried about everything that goes with that, from a long term commitment to additional space, to employee recruitment and retention, to the investment in equipment and technology? Whether a fully outsourced solution or simply an addition to your existing set up, we can help.

We understand that this a big decision. It requires a leap of faith to put part of your business in the hands of others. Here are some of the things to consider and hopefully allay any concerns:

Fulfillment is Our Business

IFMS has been providing professional warehousing and fulfillment services to businesses in Canada, the US and elsewhere since 1997. Over the years we have put our energy into getting it right. Investment in our people, our software, our technology and our infrastructure gives us confidence in our ability to provide your company with great fulfillment and inventory management support.

This is what we do, this is all that we do, so we better be good at it.

Rest assured we will bring our many years of experience to bear when it comes to supporting your business.

We know that your success is our success, a fact that is always in the front of our minds.

Keep More of Your Money

The great thing about outsourcing your fulfillment is that there is no significant capital outlay. You simply pay as you use. Not only are no large sums required for the purchase or lease of a building, material handling equipment, racking, servers, RF guns etc,etc but also what you pay is directly linked to the success of your business. Further, because the pricing is activity based and clearly defined in our agreement, you can easily forecast, monitor and manage your costs - no surprises.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As technology evolves we are driven to invest so that we remain competitive. You can be assured that we are constantly striving to be better, something that you as an IFMS client will share in at no additional expense.

A Scalable Solution

Ever worried about taking on that big account for fear of what it would do to your organization - would it be the account that ended up breaking everything else?

Forget about the worry - outsource and it becomes our concern. Right from the beginning we will ensure that our service to you is scalable. We plan for unexpected growth. Lay our facilities out to accommodate such eventualities. You concentrate on landing the big one, we'll worry about what happens next.

Integrated Systems & Technology

A custom designed order management system (OMS) allows us to tailor our solution to your needs while maintaining a high level of automation and responsiveness. Not only can we offer a competitive price, you can monitor costs online in real time through our web portal.

An integrated warehouse management system tracks every item from receipt to order fulfillment. Our RF driven pick and check process is a major contributor to order accuracy. Making sure that every order goes out correctly.

Easy Connection

We have developed solutions that tailor to your business.

Lower volumes: Enter your order via our online portal through a secure login and password.

Larger volumes: Connect directly from your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) or ecommerce site/shopping cart to our order system via a webservices link. Most systems and carts can be connected with relative ease.

Larger Volumes/More Complex Requirements: Should your requirements be more complex , e.g. integrating an ERP, CRM and other analytic tools we would be happy to introduce you to our integration partner.

Locations Where You Need Them

IFMS has warehouses strategically located in Delta (Vancouver), British Columbia and Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario. We can provide economical next business day delivery to more than 75% of the Canadian population residing in metropolitan centres, and 2 day delivery to more than 99%.

The Devil is in the Detail

Guided by our slogan: 'Every Little Thing is a Big Thing to Us' we focus on making you look good. Shipments are carefully prepared with an attention to detail that surprises many. Items are packed appropriately, boxes are carefully taped, labels are always put on straight. Small things perhaps, but they can make a world of difference to a customer's perception of your company.

Access to a Global Fulfillment Network

IFMS is a member of the Global Fulfillment Network (GFN) The GFN is a unique organization made up of a number of independent fulfillment businesses that share a similar commitment to excellence in fulfillment and a passion for unmatched client support. Together we provide solutions throughout Europe, North America and Australasia. Imagine the advantage of having a local business owner provide your business with in-country support.