Account Access

Access your account on line in real time from anywhere with Internet access using IFMS WebLink.

Services include:

Product Maintenance

  • Review product information.
  • Add images for ease of identification.
  • Assign products to categories for ease of sorting.
  • Set re-order thresholds.

Order Entry

Operational Reports

  • View order status including costs, ship method tracking numbers.
  • View pending orders.
  • Check inventory levels.

Business Analysis

  • View all items on all orders.
  • View product velocity.

Most reports can be downloaded into Excel for further analysis

Ecommerce Connectivity

Connect to our system directly from your system or ecommerce platform/shopping cart.

Services include:

We offer a webservices connection (IFMS DirectLink) that allows most ERPs and shopping cart/ecommerce platforms to connect directly to our fulfillment software.

The direct connection allows order and inventory information to flow seamlessly from you to us and then once the order is shipped return of tracking information and carrier costs for upload to your website or ecommerce platform. Employing a direct link and allowing orders to flow through as soon as received eliminates the need for manual intervention and speeds the fulfillment process. Orders can be shipped faster with the resulting improvement in customer satisfaction.

Further, once the order is shipped, information is returned allowing customers to be updated with tracking numbers and you, the client to keep an ongoing view of costs. Set up right, the whole things happens automatically, allowing you to concentrate on other matters. Should your requirements be more complex, with links to multiple systems and applications, we have a partner that can help.