Our clients are forward-thinking entrepreneurs and established businesses who recognize the benefits of teaming up with professionals. By dealing with us, they maximize their strengths while minimizing the time, effort and expense of human and material resources necessary to do it on their own. When they have a specific task for which outsourcing makes sense, we look after devising a system to match it.

Here are just a few of the glowing reviews we've garnered over the years:


"We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we value your services.

Your ability to manage our database of participating schools has been an asset to our ongoing marketing programs.

You have shown us that no matter what it takes, our orders and requests are treated with high priority. Your staff has been delightful to work with and always show professionalism and dedication whenever we deal with them.

I can't thank you enough for making my job that much easier."


"I want to take a moment to HIGHLY recommend Integrated Fulfillment. As the head of my company I travel extensively, and the last thing I want to be thinking about are details or problems with my shipping department. Quite literally, I never have to worry anymore because that's their job.

Somewhere in their promotional literature they say that they take care of "every little thing". Well, that's exactly what they do for my company. Integrated Fulfillment goes well out of their way to make my life easier by getting any and every job done."


"Integrated Fulfillment Management Services Inc., with their friendly and professional service, has been an excellent resource for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. The team is always professional and meets deadlines in a timely fashion. Innovative resources are always suggested by Integrated Fulfillment to service our needs and to assist Rocky Mountaineer Vacations as a client in cost savings and time management."

Some of the services provided to Rocky Mountaineer over the years:

  • Daily brochure distribution of between 200 to 1200 requests throughout North America. The daily procedure includes transfer of data into Integrated Fulfillment's database, label printing, and corresponding appropriate collateral for mail-out.
  • Worldwide distribution of collateral and product brochures.
  • Storage of all Rocky Mountaineer Vacations marketing collateral.
  • Project mailings throughout the year of up to 7000 pieces sent throughout North America.
  • Database Management of Rocky Mountaineer Vacations client base.
  • Reporting weekly of all inventory.
  • Reporting of yearly volume by geographic location of requested marketing collateral.





"To grow my business I had to focus on sales and not on material handling.

IFMS has been expertly looking after that part of my business for 5 years now.
As it turns out, they are not only doing a better job than I was doing myself, but it is much more cost effective as well.
IFMS has become a vital part of my business and a trusted partner."


Steef Zoetmulder

- Stezo - Importer Distributors