The company operates facilities in two strategic locations in Canada:

  • Delta, just to the south of Vancouver and part of Metro Vancouver.
  • Mississauga, just to the west of Toronto and part of Metro Toronto.

As a result, we can provide economical access by ground, to 99% of the metropolitan population of Canada within two business days.

Both locations accommodate 20'+ high pallet racking and are configured to allow for a combination of pallet storage, case and each pick locations.

Both facilities are GMP ready for Natural Health Products (NHPs).

The warehouses are managed through a warehouse management system (WMS). The spaces are fully mapped and all locations are slotted. All SKUs are assigned to a location ensuring a high level of accuracy both in terms of inventory management and picking (order selection).

Both locations are concrete tilt up construction, equipped with sprinklers, monitored alarm and CCTV systems.

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The configuration of our warehouses requires the utilization of a mixture of equipment that can operate effectively in narrow aisles. To this end we deploy narrow aisle reach trucks, and both guided and non guided stock pickers.

Processes, Systems and Technology

Key processes are documented as standard operating procedures (SOPs).

IFMS utilizes a custom-made 3PL software with a fully integrated order management system (OMS) and a warehouse management system (WMS).

In order to make full use of our system capabilities, product and location bar codes are utilized throughout both facilities. All items are picked using hand held RF scanners. In addition, a secondary check takes place where orders pass through a scan to pack process, scanning each item a second time to verify accuracy of the initial pick prior to packing.

Complementing the operational functionality,  our 3PL software provides a window into our world, online, in real time. Clients have access through a secure login and password to a broad range of menus that include product maintenance, customer look up and order entry (if required) along with a wide range of operational and business reports. 

Our 3PL software was developed to provide unmatched flexibility and visibility allowing for a rock solid solution, tailored to individual client's needs.